Beauty and Natural Beauty

There is beauty everywhere, however only those that are aware of the beauty can see it.  It’s easy to see that nature is full of beauty.  Only that somehow it is a combination of our eyes accustomed to something ordinary.  It is probably due to living in such a mundane life, something less than vivid, forgetting the importance that life has, or losing a spark which unites us to something within.

It can be simple to see that in a garden with the rows and isles of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other kinds have a beauty much different than the ordinary.  During the day, there is beauty all around us. It is from and to going to work and back home. It is in art. Though it is more than just art.  It is like a magical passage way that reveals beauty only if you give it an opening.  And the opening is a special framework that allows beauty to open up.

However in everyday life, the beauty of a garden is incomparable to how we live day to day. It is probably like this because it is not easy to see the row, isles, or so on. The arrangement is not coordinated to the eye. It is much rather mixed in a sense of a natural beauty.  However, life is within the sphere of the nature. Therefore, it doesn’t have an orderly garden in the way seeing it on your own.

The natural beauty is not claimed as for only one, but of all. A garden could have an order, though in the woods there is a different kind of order which cannot be controlled and easily put in rows, isles, or columns. The weeds inside of a pot is manageable, though in a forest is unimaginable to attempt.

The bonsai plant for instance is a way to articulate beauty.  It could be planted, trimmed, and guided.  And it grows depending on the lighting, but actual sunlight would be better.  The sunlight is where all the plants grow toward.  They try to reach the rays that shine upon them.  The winds then will help guide it depending on where you plant it.  So when you give power to beauty, you are actually putting it in the right place and then allowing it to grow.

Give yourself a moment to walk in a garden.  While everyday life keeps on going, we should remember what is here. I do like seeing a garden in rememberance. The garden that stands with beauty and natural beauty.  They have a way in refreshing ourselves bringing beauty to the day to day life.

Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it. – Rumi

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