Fight for Something

It seems that ever since we grew up from elementary, college, to adulthood, we have been fighting for something in life. But as things plateau, in a sense, perhaps due to a 9 – 5 job or a dulled everyday life, it could seem there is nothing to live for.

However, living in this pattern could be upsetting and it pales in comparison to what you can fight for in life.

Why not fight for something that brings meaning to your life? It’s not to conform to something meaningless. You can set aside differences, setbacks, or anything that is holding you for less. When you fight for something, you are giving yourself the power to be here rather than a drifting off out in a no man’s land. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, amazing, wonderful, or whatever it is. Though try to have it to be something worth fighting for.

Better to fight for something than live for nothing. – George S. Patton

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