The Power of Choices

It is hard to discern the qualities of life in its many variations and differentiations. Which are adversities related to the desire and choice? When presented with objects of desire, it might entice someone to come and play. It could also be about just the curiosity of the attention to these objects. Look at me? What is in my hand? It may seem like a game of chance with bowls moving a hidden ball on a table. Is it a blessing or is it misfortune? However, desire does play into the power of choice.

When choices come, the discerning ability becomes greater in difficulty which moves the intelligent mind or psyche. If this ability becomes overly complicated, then it would be hard to determine what is right.

Sooner or later, we have to become aware of the circumstances we are put in. When observing the power of choice, it takes us into definite qualities, which there is something behind the choices.

Is it possible to choose something and not stray with the power of choices? I heard this long ago, but it makes sense here. There is a football lineman that is trying to get the person with the ball. The opponent turns a hare to the left and right ever so minutely to try to throw the lineman off. But through experience, the lineman doesn’t bother going left or right, because every second counts in this interaction. The lineman doesn’t waste any time for his momentum to cease. He goes straight which is not what the opponent expected.

There are choices in life, however these choices have some play. It’s not wrong to make a choice, but you have a momentum you built for yourself. If it is not the best of interest to go after, then it’s best to leave it be.

And so it is, that both the Devil and the angelic Spirit present with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice. – Rumi

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