Growing Natural

The nature of the self has a way to put things back in order. After awhile from doing this and that in life, you can find yourself out of your center. This center is your natural organization of the self. Unnatural to yourself, it could feel frazzled, disorganized, uncomfortable, or rigid to mention the least. It could leave you without your vital needs.

There is an importance to being natural. It can free yourself from something forceful by you or something else. Nature follows a greater way of life.

Though when you plant a seed into the ground, it grows naturally. While it is growing, there is a tendency for it to attract other variables that take from it’s natural growth. As usual tend to your plant so things don’t grow wild around in it. Make sure you take care of your plant, though when you did what needs to be done, allow it to grow.

Life is a process following natural laws and while we are in it, we can help. Though let yourself to be natural and work as you need.

At some point, you gotta let go, and sit still, and allow contentment to come to you. – Elizabeth Gilbert

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