Effortless Movement

The rivers already started and its moving along the mountain. It’s movement flows gradually, depending on how wide or narrow the path is. Also, by what is there including trees, rocks, and other debris. It moves fast or slow. However, the river continues its way independent to the variables outside of it, but doesn’t stop it’s own momentum.

There is always movement toward a goal as long as you are in a place where movements can happen. If you move as a river, you will reach it someday. The river continues along the mountain as it is meant to. Why exert yourself more than it has to? This exertion multiplies the effort even though it still makes its way. It could be tiresome or drain valuable resources such as energy, will, or drive.

When you find the right tension, allow yourself to move. This is done effortlessly. You can pick yourself up using your strength. Then you can allow yourself to move effortlessly. As you carry yourself up such as going up hill, but on the way back give you free yourself from exerting over.

There are things that can make you go toward a goal. However make sure it is not at an unnecessary cost. There is an effortless movement to be aware of. It moves with the grace and is unblocked by something more or less which is outside of just being.

You will reach your goal just by your continuing efforts.

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday. ~ A. A. Milne

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