Remembering Beauty

Something beautiful is in the here and now almost always. Overlooking it is the misfortune and sheds the quality of its light. When you step away from something beautiful either knowingly or unknowingly, the beauty fades and diminishes.

How is that we see throughout the day and miss it? Life flashes before our eyes. It leaves just like a day turns to night. And just as a dream that isn’t grasped, it turns to dirt and leaves.

How can we find time for something beautiful, while excuses dull it from us? It’s about what we give importance toward. If you live in a body that is on the go 24/7 or have mind which ignores, something beautiful is hard to see. Wait for a moment to give breath for the beautiful. Give yourself a moment to look inside to find the rhythm to reach the heart.

The beautiful can reach the heart. Therefore, there is a movement to beauty and it retains it’s rhythm again and again. Give a moment to something beautiful to enliven yourself.

The human heart yearns for the beautiful in all ranks of life. – Harriet Beecher Steve

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