Everyday Patterns

We have to mindful about what we are putting in are everyday life. Especially having to go to work or having usual activities each and everyday. After doing all the main activities such as your daily job, driving to and from work, household chores, walking the dog, spending time with family and friends, eatings (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), some r & r, and miscellaneous, the time you are putting for yourself is this.

It’s about everything many of us do everyday. These can happen over and over. There are patterns. It’s not bad, but it does take time. Are you putting in quality instead rather than quantity in your patterns and activities? Or is it the other way around?

Of the things mentioned, you can’t leave much out. Therefore, it can be difficult to put in well worth time. There are those things that take more time. And there are those which leads to accomplishing things that have no end.

What are you living for? You can reflect and contemplate these patterns you are living. Are these helping you? Though make sure you do what is necessary before you do everything where nothing is reached.

You can do anything – but not everything. – David Allen

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