About Example

Have you ever wondered about the questions about life and the world?  Maybe about how things work?  How about looking to live a healthier life?  Or could we become a stronger person?  We could be exploring the connections with all those thoughts that come up and putting them together.

Well…  For much of my life, I have been on that road.  In the early parts, I lived unaware of the connections that life has in front of us.  It was that feeling that we are living in a box, repeating the same routines, and living in a world with color, but not really knowing the extent of levels of colors our world can bring.

For about 5 years, I have been living with a fresh new outlook on life.  After traveling to Seoul and visiting to various countries abroad, it has opened my mind to possibilities that was never perceived in my earlier days.

Even with 5 years to open up, it is still only the beginning.  For this whole adventure, I have been trying to share the new world that unfolded right in front of my very own eyes.  Though, bottled up inside, it was hard to release this need to share something beyond awesomeness.

Awesomeness is the very being of awesome!

Many times this expression of awesomeness goes beyond words!  And when you put them in words, it just doesn’t sound so clear to everyone and many times would be like talking Greek.

I have to be honest, before this change, I had a lot of trouble expressing myself.  It was probably due to thinking too much on the matter…  as well as a lack of the educational background.  Though, in the light, after living a whole new way of life, it has made a deep impact to read and write as well as sharing the works.

My hopes are that after reading these blogs, you will become awake to the wholeness of what our universe has to share.

In this blog, we will explore philosophy, religion, concepts, thoughts, spirituality, life, nature from big and small, books, music, history, and anything and everything that could help us in expansion of understanding of our world and being.

Please understand that the words I share suggest a way of life and understanding.  Please don’t take anything as concrete evidence, but remain open.  Just watching and reflect on the thoughts that arise.  You must investigate these suggestions and understand by experience, in which we grow.

Thank you,

Johnny B

Healthy Living and Exploration of Thought with a Need to Share!