There is a challenge in the world today. While life is going on, every moment has an opportunity to become alive. When looking at it for the first time, your eyes can see it as plain as day. It could look as if black and white. It may seem completely normal, only that when you look into life deeply a picture on a wall can be brought to life. When you open up the mystery in front of you, you will discover that life is more than just an image or a brief caption, it is a connection to your very essence.

Hi my name is John!

I am a blogger online and work in massage therapy living a holistic life. I try to center myself to live with practical inspiration to daily life. I am trying to find the meaning of life, nature of existence, and questions that come to the very essence of who we are. I would like to do this together with you. Life is not to be alone, we are here for a reason, and I believe it is to be together.

Thanks for reading my profile!