My name is John and would like to share you an idea about “Thought Lighthouse”.  Here is a little story.

There was a concept I came across about three years ago.  It was shared by a class, though somehow springing back up at this very moment.  The concept is in regard of our thoughts and how it just springs up.  Drawn on a white board was a pool of water.  There is not a line for the bottom, though just for simplicity, there is a surface of water with a series of crescent waves.  We could say that is a horizon in a way.  Suddenly a thought comes up as a bubble.  It is spherical and round with a pocket of air inside as a bubble should be.

We have a choice at this point.  These bubbles float up, though when it is in the frame of our pool (the white board), then we can make a choice.  Maybe the thought is random and not exactly what needs to be in concern.  The bubble will pop and then become part of the water…  (hmm…  somehow, this goes far beyond physics, thus lets suppose this works for the sake of the example).  Well, when a thought is chosen and follows through, it surfaces toward the top and becomes released in the air.

Now let’s suppose that these thoughts are like ships coming to shore.  We could have a crew sailing a voyage home.  Upon getting to the harbor, there might be some varying degrees.  The sea might be a foggy morning where the hand is just barely visible, the shore blanketed of clouds.  There could be some rocks.  There might even be a special entry way.

Thus, the lighthouse shines its rays upon the ocean’s wave.  Spotting a boat within the layers of fog and then signals the boat by ringing a bell.  The crew responded with a bell too.  The lighthouse guides it shine over the waters and the boat follows to the shore.

Many of thoughts arise throughout our day.  Sometimes with it may be a bit confusing and we need a way to make sense of it all.  Thought Lighthouse is a way to guide our thoughts in a way.  When a good thought comes up, we can write about it and try to form it in a way so it can be understandable.

In Thought Lighthouse, I am trying to share the awareness of good thoughts that could help bring us inspiration.  The focus is toward how can we improve our understanding about living a healthy way of life, learning our strengths and weaknesses, harmony with body, mind, and spirit, and the need to share a good thought with you.  Centering the blog toward bringing us up in way.  We can expand our way of thinking from the norm of life, reaching out, going beyond our box-frame of mind, and stepping through the way that we love.

There is a need to bring a positive outcome.  We can explore various shades of grey, though, prefer to share it in the light of color.  There are many colors.  The scope is what encompasses all the colors.

Thought Lighthouse is new in a way that it is a growing progress.  We will learn as we go and get better from our shared experiences.  Everyone is welcome and we are looking forward to meeting others who seek to inspire the world too.

Thank you!

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