Everyday Patterns

We have to mindful about what we are putting in are everyday life. Especially having to go to work or having usual activities each and everyday. After doing all the main activities such as your daily job, driving to and from work, household chores, walking the dog, spending time with family and friends, eatings (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), some r & r, and miscellaneous, the time you are putting for yourself is this.

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The Power of Choices

It is hard to discern the qualities of life in its many variations and differentiations. Which are adversities related to the desire and choice? When presented with objects of desire, it might entice someone to come and play. It could also be about just the curiosity of the attention to these objects. Look at me? What is in my hand? It may seem like a game of chance with bowls moving a hidden ball on a table. Is it a blessing or is it misfortune? However, desire does play into the power of choice.

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