Thoughts on Exercising

Here is a note about exercising: when you exercise after a certain degree, you can get tired.  You will tell yourself how tired you are.  When you listen to this, it’s a response because you are not comfortable with the exercises or that you are not ready for it or it could be about tolerance or fatigue.  However, when you come out of your comfort zone, you could have doubts about things.  Though while, you understand as the driver of yourself, that your exercise is just an exercise.  If you want to not have these issues while exercising, just have better endurance. 

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Centering Exercise

Before spending our day on a fulfilling weekend, there is an importance to center our wellbeing so our physical, mental and spiritual bodies could be in alignment.  This is related to our concerns, judgements, and overall functioning throughout our day.  Necessities like food and water, supplements our growth as a flower gets the nourishment from the water and dew of the earth and sun from the sky.  There is a reason for the daily needs to reconnect with life.

Let’s connect with a simple exercise to begin your day fulfilled and energized, in reestablishment, orderly, clear, and neutral to center ourselves with life.

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Laying under the Sun on a Patch of Grass

Here is a little exercise that could help you on a day feeling a bit tired.  Rest is important to help our body, mind, and spirit to be in tune with each other.  While rest is important, the balance of a coordinated, organized day can bring us to the energetic level we need.  I would like to have no excuses, still there are ways to help alleviate situation of stressing the limitations of ourselves.  This is a simple exercise.  All you need to do is to step outside, where the area is fresh.  On the lawn, a clean patch of grass you can lay.  Just lay your body on the grass.  Put your legs out and arms along.  You can imagine snow angels in the summer.  Now just be there.

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Centering Oneself

Find your center and find your peace.  What is centering and how is it of importance to keep in practice in life?  The first that comes to mind is a state of balance.  The center is a position of completeness and it goes along the line of being neutral.  When you wake up, you are near to your center, it is a fresh start of a new day.  Your body rested, mind rested, and even spirit rested.  In a car, you are off the brakes and not on D or D2 or something else. You are in a position that doesn’t push or pull.  Picturing the center could be a temple priest sitting still amongst flowers and butterflies, chirping birds, clouds floating by across the blue sky, lovely breeze, and so on.  This might be one of those picture perfect scenes that the center could be imagined.  Though, the center courses through your veins and arteries keeping proper flow in your life.

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Simply… Just Sit

Suppose you wake up for a 5 o’clock in the morning shift, hitting the snooze button to get that little ounce of rest to move the blankets right off the bed getting you up to get ready.  Right off the bat, you turn on the bathroom faucet giving a moment for the water to become warm.  Letting breakfast sit for a bit, because it just got off the burner.  Starting the car, you turn on the heat just enough to remove the fogged windows.  On your way to work, you drive through the normal traffic until arriving.  Then work mode kicks in and you go from one task to another.  During your break, you pull out your phone to checkout the news.  After work, you pick up some groceries for supper and hit the gym.  On your way home, you turn on some tunes and arrive home.  After dinner, you go prepare your the new day and off to bed for the new day.

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3 Positions of Meditations

Meditations comes in many postures and forms in the way of practice.  With all the ways of practice out there, it is recommended to be in the best comfortable position.  We need to be in a position that is in harmony with our body, mind, and soul so that we may practice to our potential.  Harmony is in the way related to an ease of practice.  While disharmony is of disease.  Thus, being in ease we can better be centered in our meditation.

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Conscious Breathing and Exercises

From the day we were born within every moment of our lives, there has been a constant continual movement within our very body.  The movement comes in as silent as ever, though upon noticing, our awareness brings into attention.  Each movement moves into each part of the whole from the head to the toes, energizing our brain, and encompassing our bodies warmth as it passes through the arteries and veins of our heart.  An inner network at hand that waves its cycles flowing into ourselves giving and helping our body to life.  Our breath is a vital source within our body and our world, each and everyday is in constant flow of movement coordinating with all function within ourselves.

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Meditation Insights For All To Practice

Walking up to the bench, the scenery relaxing and calm with neighbors coming in and out of the area.  The seat was open and I decided to seat on the chair on the right end since it was closest to  a friend’s home.  Noticing ants along the ground surface, thus lifting the feet and crossing legs in a good fashion.

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