Loving and Caring

In our lives, in a pursuit of love, we can cultivate a great understanding of what it is in the connection to others.  It seems that the differences that we may have with others is similar to our own self.

Though practicing in the respecting art of the connection, we can be loving and caring.  To understand love is very important.  However, love is just a piece of the puzzle.  Love is the right component to everything in life.  It needs to go hand in hand with caring.  Caring is enduring and becomes essential to life.

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There are many truths in life.  In the mind, we can discover great possibilities.  The facets of life open up with warmth pouring forth what life has to offer.  The reasons why we can discover so much is that all we need to do is to shift the perspective of our own thought to open our minds to a greater world.  Life could be mysterious, though the essence of how life works reveals the mystery.  Knowledge and wisdom becomes great tools during the connection within.

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This Moment is Your Life

Time and time again, the chance for happiness introduces itself.  Whether accepting another round or passing it, there in front of you is a moment.  There are options to choose to give importance to a moment or not.  If moments could be a color, it would present itself in all colors.  It would be quite bright so that means that picking each and every moment is too much.  There are many moments in life, but only a limited amount could be grasped.  Should we open our eyes or close our eyes.  These moments become ever fleeting if you take it for granted.  Though giving the presence, the moment comes alive.

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Inside my home, I hear speckles of rain falling on the floor in a constant melody. On the roof a puddle builds in the linings of trickled water, sending a splash onto the face of the concrete paved closed to the sliding glass door. The fence that holds the privacy of the backyard is wet on the top. For the boards that stick out, they catch each dew drop applied by the heavens. Yet when I gaze from the back, not seeing it all openly, the majority is dry, but I could imagine it to be cold if I would attempt touching. This may sound like a picture of an ordinary rainy day that we may have in common. Though, the question pulses within the kinds of inspection. Where is the beauty in that of a rainy day?

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Applying ourselves toward life is like acting upon with the definition of intelligence.  Intelligence is our ability to acquire and use knowledge as well as skill.  It is a system of building, laying the foundations to create an understanding and cohesiveness to interact.  The interaction creates a bond between you and life.  Life being for what and also who you are in connection with.

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Old and Wise

After many passing years, there is an age where a person is considered to be old.  It could be the pores on the skin with signs of wrinkles.  Or it could be the movement constricted due to a bad back.  There could be gray hairs on the head settled amongst the scalp.  There is a time realizing when a person is old enough.  Though, during this time, a person can be old and wise.

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