Space *

There is a gift that I always want that would make me happy.  It is to be big or small… that is up to you.  It could cost you a pretty penny, yet should not cost you even a dime.  Asking the question, what may it be?  It may seem like a riddle or a puzzle.  A fascinating way to describe it is that it is always there in front of you and back of you.  It seems that I gave you enough of a description of what it is like.

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The New Day

As we turn the pages of our lives, eventually we come to a new chapter.  Is it entirely different from before?  How is the continuity from one chapter to another?  Does it follow a centralized plot?  Is it a climax?  Is it foreshadowing?

These terms and ideas are common to learn about in literature class.  There are probably many more to describe and relates to life.

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Technology *

While working with our inner and outer lives, technological advances come to our aid to making processes better.  In this day in age, there are many new goodies that really try to help.  Of course there are fun and games to help along our endeavors too, rather the focus is on the main purpose.  There are two qualities that could raise an issue in technological advances: human and machine.  It is important to keep our human quality intact.  Human quality is closer to life. Machine quality pulls away from our human nature.  It pulls us away, because we are not touching on what we are truly touching.  To truly touch in the actions that we do, gives meaning to our lives.  In lay men’s  term, life will be black and white.  Also, mixtures of grays and what could be empty space.  Thus, we need to uphold the qualities of our human nature by letting go of new stuff.  If devices need be, keep at a minimum.  We need to remember to balance ourselves well.  Thus, enables us to be connected better with humanity, life, and nature.  And in what we do, we can be real.

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9 Out Of 10 Things *

There is a rule about the 9 out of 10 things we do.  9 things are thoughts that someone can think of that could be great ideas.  Somehow, these 9 things just remain as part of the imagination.  The thoughts just come up mowing around in your head, trying to come up with the right solutions.  It isn’t real until you can really touch it.  Within the 9 out of 10, there is a thought that comes through and that becomes real.  It becomes real, because you make it ready to step beyond just mere imagination and come to be.  While Mark Twain gives us a fresh start of getting ahead, we need to move through the 9 out of 10 things and thus come to the secret of getting ahead.

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Focus *

There are moments in life that may be tough to say, however we can still be able to understand these moments and make it for the better.  During these moments we need the ability of focus.  What is focus?  From a lens point of view, it is a gradual turn.  From a life point of view, it can be stability and balance.  In the darkest times, it is light.  In emotional times, we need to adjust the point of view to a better focus toward happiness, love, and peace.  It is important to be in focus, thus we can be able to come back to the clarity in life.

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Relationships *

The strongest connection we have are with those that are connected to life with us.  Rather of what one may have, which is defined as far as just mere possessions.  Possessions could have a detailed likeness that could give us what we need at moments in our life.  There is a kind of depth that cannot be compared as to a heart to heart connection.  If deemed  as items that could be stored in just any locked box in the closet, there is not true value to it.  If only to be seen as black and white or maybe gray, it lacks the life providing that inner warmth.

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Clang.  Clang.  Clang.  A loud noise hits the iron surface.  Smothering heat and gas fills the surrounding area.  Piping hot, auburn red, beating dents are of the elements to describe the work at hand, yet all while a warm glow kindly emits from a metal rod.  A hammer yet again hits upon the surface smoothing the cylinder to make the form it was suppose to appear.  This is a pivotal time to make a piece of rod from what forms in the mind to a true possibility.  Of course, there is an intended form from the beginning to the end.  Though what comes to thought is that there is a process from creating a blue print, connecting these thoughts to a real arrangement.  The road map helps build the wonder in the mind, though craftsmanship helps the integrity of the whole project.

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