In a New Environment

When entering a new environment, there is a unity that helps us work together. It is working cohesively to get ourselves better acquainted to the environment by the work, sociability, knowledge, and developing skills. Though it branches to find where we fit. As entering in an environment, there is an assessment that measures who you are and where to put you.

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The Inner Compass

It’s relatively easy to find a way to go somewhere these days with gadgets at our fingertips.  You just have to reach in your bag, pocket, or glove compartment for your phone and you have access to a map that can give you direction to where you need to go.  The directions are very elaborately detailed with the time, distance, and even traffic alerts.  And even a look into further options gives the choice of routes by walking, driving, bicycling, or taking a bus. 

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What To Look At?

There are key processes that are ever important in the need for sustaining a better application for success. Though while there are many variables that could circumvent from the lowering yourself, you have to have the drive and power to break through the cycles that keeps you trapped by other variables that prevent you from obtaining a goal, or distractions that tether to a constant swing of the pendulum which stays into a mundane living or being alive, or remain in a satisfactory state that prevents you to move beyond boundaries.

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The Symbol of a Tree

The tree of life grows with a natural beauty from the roots all the way to the top. Its essence allows the roots to form in the ground to reach as far as possible to better catch nutrients to provide for the tree itself. The body is raised high so that it is protecting its branches, leaves, and fruits so its not easily swept away. The branches, twigs, leaves, and all the other components protect the most beautiful of the tree itself.

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