80 20 Rule

Could there possibly be a guideline providing a way that helps maintain a healthy nutritious life and even giving us room for something special?  Today’s topic is about the “80 20 Rule” and its purpose is to help deliver a way to balance life in all respects.  It’s best to make life simple, yet to provide our well being and growth in a good direction.  The 80 20 can be applied to many natures of our lives and it is a way of being nurturing as well as to give you the special qualities needed.

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A Little Look Into Stairs

It just occurred a possible meaning of stairs that could be evident to us easily.  Stairs come in as steps toward an upper or lower region.  It may sound like an obvious point.  How about the point that stairs are comprised of the horizontal and vertical to help with our steps in the walkway we need to go.  Is it worthy of our observation?  We can look upon stairs at a story high mall, between alley ways, or maybe apartment building seeing plainly as way to go from point A to B.  How about taking it further with the imagination of infinite stairs?  That will surely make us tired at some point.  Stairs are made to get from one platform to the next.  Platforms are a kind of ground in some way that is stable.  As we traverse from one platform to another, we are moving between two stable levels.

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Can’t Just Look

Right in front of us everyday, life pours its beauty, bounds and bounds of opportunities and invitations at our fingertips.  We only need to welcome and in return give the proper curtsy in respects of the dance that fairs in front of us.  Without too much hesitation, one may accept the dance hand in hand presented in life’s moments.  In that moment, life then springs from its potential that was kept at each and every moments grasp.  We hold within us the power to participate in life to step in the circle of the moments frontier.

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The Kaleidoscope Effect

When we bring up a Kaleidoscope, we are reminded of a childhood toy scope.  The colorful images take shape upon each turn that we shift creates new images that branch as an essence of the original.  Each image come before us as fractal shards displaying before our very view.  The glass art mirroring each aspect in symmetric patterns reveals to us creative possibilities to enlighten a child’s mind and could even touch us as grown-ups.  It is a simple invention that we can all love.

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From Temporary to Everlasting

Living in a fast-paced world that changes before our fingertips, there are aspects of ourselves that seem to come and go.  Growing up in life, we can reflect on our evolution from an early age through the middle ages growing up to college and our careers. Thinking hard enough, things came  even those things that we have gone through so much to acquire.  Some could be very memorable, while here and there can be shades of knick knacks that bestows a slice of joy in life.  Likewise, there are mementos that are with us even to the very present.  Mementos are just touching the tip, while diving into our inner life, we can even discover that we have aspects of ourselves that continued to now.

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5 Ways to Move Beyond Monotony

Just the other day, I was talking to friend who had a deep question.  It was a question about life.  He asked, what is a way out of doing the same things everyday, working in a days job, then going to the gym to exercise and workout, and finally going home.  For the next morning, you come again to the same repeating pattern.  The way he described it was as if his life was in monotony.  He asked this question, because it was important and he wanted to find a solution.

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Simple Antenna

Walking around near the end of a parking lot, rooftops galore peer out of the city streets.  Many rooftops sits water wells, hanging lines for clothes, gardens, and antennas.  Many of the rooftops have all kinds of things when there is room to place.  Just right in front was a clear shot of an antenna that stands on the rooftop in clear view.  It stands simply on the rooftop without anything else.  Inspecting it further, the antenna was a bit rusted and looked old.  It had a wire running from the side of the building reaching to any of those who lived inside.

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5 Ways of Creating an Uplifting Environment

Waking up to a rainy day can bring a bit of glooms.  It may trouble you with a feeling of being a little off from the center from rain drops pelting on your doorsteps.  The usual sunshine outside painted with a blue sky, instead showing gray and dark clouds bunching with cumulus looming pillows.  The spark that graces you in the mornings could be brought back!  Your morning could feel as opening windows to the spring green and fresh air!

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