Can’t Just Look

Right in front of us everyday, life pours its beauty, bounds and bounds of opportunities and invitations at our fingertips.  We only need to welcome and in return give the proper curtsy in respects of the dance that fairs in front of us.  Without too much hesitation, one may accept the dance hand in hand presented in life’s moments.  In that moment, life then springs from its potential that was kept at each and every moments grasp.  We hold within us the power to participate in life to step in the circle of the moments frontier.

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5 Ways to Move Beyond Monotony

Just the other day, I was talking to friend who had a deep question.  It was a question about life.  He asked, what is a way out of doing the same things everyday, working in a days job, then going to the gym to exercise and workout, and finally going home.  For the next morning, you come again to the repeating pattern.  The way he described it was as if his life was in monotony.  He asked this question, because it was important and he wanted to find a solution.

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5 Ways of Creating an Uplifting Environment

Waking up to a rainy day can bring a bit of glooms.  It may trouble you with a feeling of being a little off from the center from rain drops pelting on your doorsteps.  The usual sunshine outside painted with a blue sky, instead showing gray and dark clouds bunching with cumulus looming pillows.  The spark that graces you in the mornings could be brought back!  Your morning could feel as opening windows to the spring green and fresh air!

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Days of Tai Chi

Within the monolithic walls of the limestone karst, some towering mountains appearing as standing on as giant crane feet.  The night was lit with torches, beam on the faces of the rocky walls during the drive.  The stars above shared the infinite tinted blue, yet many stars present in the sky.  Since on the other side of the globe, many new stars appeared unfamiliar to a traveler in a new country.  

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Playing Sports as Real Life

There is this really great video online that is immensely popular on youtube with a ping pong match online.  It was something I watched about a few years ago.  I tried finding it again, but there are many ping pong videos now, which are surely to have great rallies.  The match was with two countries competing in ping pong.  All were amazing female athletes there were very agile and moves quite well with team play and even in way with the other team.

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