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Struggles in Obesity and Weight Loss

There are some common issues that are faced during our daily lives whether we face it or leave it.  One of the most common issues that people can struggle with is obesity and weight loss.  How do you recognize it?

How to Give Meaning to Life?

There is a meaning to life that started from a birth of a star. The star traveled through many histories to reach to this point. The star gave life to our earth. From the earth, histories were able to grow. It is a gift from life itself. The earth gave life through plants, sky, mountains, … Continue reading How to Give Meaning to Life?

Storms in the Mind

Sometimes the mind is full of noise which clouds the judgement.  Some causes could lead to baffling storms in the mind, thoughts coming and going without ceasing, and thinking with a disarrayed misunderstanding.

The Symbol of a Tree

The tree of life grows with a natural beauty from the roots all the way to the top. Its essence allows the roots to form in the ground to reach as far as possible to better catch nutrients to provide for the tree itself. The body is raised high so that it is protecting its … Continue reading The Symbol of a Tree


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