Inspiration to Daily Life

Living With Practical Inspiration In Our Daily Lives

Yourself Now Beyond the Temporary

There is a manner of appearance not just the clothes you have or a shiny car or things you may come across in a material attire. These things come and go. They are temporal and change between your likes and dislikes.

Sincerely Questioning a Mystery

There is a mystery in life that opens itself up when you are readily open to it. While there are many questions in life, most of which are difficult to address without giving a good understanding in its context. Only when you sincerely question it, is when you can find what it is all about.

3 Things Fundamental to Living

After traveling several countries, I have realized 3 things fundamental laws to living.  First of all is that life is always moving.  Second is that we can carry only so much.  Third is that your attitude is essential to gratitude. 


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