Pillars of Life

What makes up life that we know today?  Living in the modern times, there is so much content in the world.  So, how could we understand life as it is.  A long time ago in the Roman era, there are pillars that hold the roof of a building.  While this can hold up a roof so it doesn’t rain, they signify a greater meaning.  The stories of the ages are engraved peace by peace.

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Who do you follow?

Who do you follow?  This might seem as a funny thing to ask.  Though, living in some kind of modality of life, it affects our way of being.  Suppose you are depressed, anxious, or other feelings.  At peace would be great, loving the present.  Emotions seems to come back again.  It could be hard to see ourselves during the day because it can be a bit working in the clockworks of balancing life, work, and the frontier that rest on our shoulders.  However we could have these emotions that run our lives, what is it actually doing?

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Loving and Caring

In our lives, in a pursuit of love, we can cultivate a great understanding of what it is in the connection to others.  It seems that the differences that we may have with others is similar to our own self.

Though practicing in the respecting art of the connection, we can be loving and caring.  To understand love is very important.  However, love is just a piece of the puzzle.  Love is the right component to everything in life.  It needs to go hand in hand with caring.  Caring is enduring and becomes essential to life.

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Everything Changes

Everything Changes

Facing the odds with a question of life, …

“Suzuki Roshi, I’ve been listening to your lectures for years,” a student said during the question and answer time following a lecture,” but I just don’t understand.  Could you just please put in it in a nutshell?  Can you reduce Buddhism to one phrase?”

Everyone laughed.  Suzuki laughed.

“Everything changes,” he said.  Then he asked for another question.

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There are many truths in life.  In the mind, we can discover great possibilities.  The facets of life open up with warmth pouring forth what life has to offer.  The reasons why we can discover so much is that all we need to do is to shift the perspective of our own thought to open our minds to a greater world.  Life could be mysterious, though the essence of how life works reveals the mystery.  Knowledge and wisdom becomes great tools during the connection within.

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This Moment is Your Life

Time and time again, the chance for happiness introduces itself.  Whether accepting another round or passing it, there in front of you is a moment.  There are options to choose to give importance to a moment or not.  If moments could be a color, it would present itself in all colors.  It would be quite bright so that means that picking each and every moment is too much.  There are many moments in life, but only a limited amount could be grasped.  Should we open our eyes or close our eyes.  These moments become ever fleeting if you take it for granted.  Though giving the presence, the moment comes alive.

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